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Can you Update the Assets in the Orchestrator from Uipath Robot??

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I think nope.
It’s manual job.
correct me @ovi if i’m wrong. :wink:

Yes you can by using PUt Method and Orchestrator API you can update/Edit the asset In the Orchestrator.



I tried doing it, But i am able to do only certain actions, I can view and GET the assets.

I am unable to use PUT method,because the Robot has restricted permissions while working in the Orchestrator.

The PUT query returns {“message”:“An error has occurred.”,“errorCode”:0}

I looked at the Robot role permissions. They are restricted when you connect to and you cannot modify the pre existing permissions for a Robot.

Limitations of Community edition. Has any one worked with API to update Assets from Robot in Licensed Vesions?

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Hi Praveen,

It is true, you cannot modify the Robot role permissions, but you don’t need to in order to edit an asset via Orchestrator API.
You need permission to edit the Asset on the user only.
For example, I was able to edit an asset on with admin user):

“Name”: “test1”,
“CanBeDeleted”: true,
“ValueScope”: “Global”,
“ValueType”: “Text”,
“Value”: “”,
“StringValue”: “test-ovi”,
“RobotValues”: ,
“Id”: myAssetId

So anything you can do(connected with your user) in the UI interface of Orchestrator you should be able to do via Orchestrator API.


Yeah. You are correct. Made some changes to the Http Request. Worked Out. Thank You @ovi

Do you know why is there no activity to update or create assets (or do other interactions with Orchestrator) in studio?
Design choice or just not prioritized yet?

I’m confused cause this must be something everybody needs to do to some extend, but instead have to use workarounds (like API calls or storing the asset on a shared fileserver instead).

Hi Konrad,

I think this is do-able(functionally speaking) but it depends on user’s needs. For example, an activity to edit an asset would make more sense than one to create, because assets can be looked at like some global variables - if you are able to create from Studio, maybe you’ll end up with 100 that are used once and in a single process(which you can do with ‘normal’ variables).

I will create a separate post on this and you can follow the discussion there(product team will give more details).

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Hi Ovi,
please do you know why i get 404 Not Found - Error when i try to get one specific Asset.
This works perfectly fine /odata/Assets but when i try to get only one asset /odata/Assets(20) - (the ID is valid Asset ID) i get this error:
No HTTP resource was found that matches the request URI 'https://…/odata/Assets(20)
“No routing convention was found to select an action for the OData path with template ‘~/entityset/key’.”

hi @praveen_yarlagadda,

Can you share a sample workflow? It would be of immense help.

I am new to RPA and I am building something similar currently.

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Hi @aksh1yadav ,

Can you show me a sample of Body of put request?

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What is the End Point and the type(post?) of http Request?