Orchestrator HTTP Request activity cannot delete


I have tried accessing the Orchestrator API using the activity “Orchestrator HTTP Request”.I got the JSON for the GET method,however couldn’t output the value for DELETE,as its showing <!DocType>.Can somebody help me sort this out?Attached the Workflow and screenshot.

regardsJson_Pic Orch_API.xaml (5.5 KB)

Hi @amr07,

Please keep in mind that when using the “Orchestrator HTTP Request” the authentication is made through the robot so you need to have the necessary permissions on the robot role in order to delete an asset. Most likely this is the reason why your workflow doesn’t work.

I would suggest not to change the robot role, but to add a new role to your robot with the necessary permissions.
More details here: https://activities.uipath.com/docs/orchestrator-http-request

Also keep in mind that the endpoint should look like this /odata/Assets(72298) without the {}


Thank you for the info.
I am using the community version, is this the reason why i cannot manage the robot role and delete the same?


you can edit the robot role even in community, but I recommend to add another role for your robot with the necessary rights.
This are the default robot roles so this is why you cannot delete assets without giving the correct rights.



Thank you very much. That helped:)

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