Orchestrator Actions via Studio activities

Hii Team,

while I was exploring APIs in Orchestrator API.
Actions like create/edit/delete for assets/queues, at run time is possible. But there are no direct activities that I was able to find to do it easily from studio.

if not present, is it possible to come up with such activities?
please guide me if there are any solution to it.

Karan Zaveri

Hi @Karan_Zaveri
In the UiPath integration service, you can create your own custom connector. Once you’ve created a custom connector for UiPath, you can use the integration service to perform any action in UiPath studio.

Refer this link:

Kaviyarasu N

HI @Karan_Zaveri

You already have activities to edit Asset

Set Asset Activity

We don’t have separate activity to Delete the Queue and create queue but we have deleting queue items seperately


thanks for your response but,
I am looking for create queue or create assets rather than setting asset value or deleting items from queue.
My query is slightly different then your solution.

Hi @Karan_Zaveri

As mentioned above by @Kaviyarasu_N, the current workaround could indeed be to create a custom connector.

But fair point and I will take a note of your feedback for sure for future versions.

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