Orchestrator - Get Queue Items and Delete Queue Items before Starting Process


My current process is attempting to read an Excel and create queue items on every row.
I then use the bulk queue items in my main file in the Initialization part (same as the read range of the Excel input). My issue with this is that I’m constantly adding new queue items after every stopped run based on the same input file. I want to delete the existing queue items and reload them based on the Excel file. I tried setting my robot with the role permissions to delete queue items in orchestrator however within the actual process I’m getting forbidden errors and I can’t seem to use “Config(“OrchestratorQueueName”).ToString” in my get queue items activity within the Initialization process…

What is the best approach to getting queue items through the OrchestratorQueueName in the config file and then deleting them before bulk adding them? I want to get this RE framework right and I don’t want to take short cuts. The actual transaction processing is quite simple and I want to leverage the framework as much as I can. Thanks!