Removing Queue items before running

When adding queue items for the second time. I want to remove all existing items before. How to do that?


use ‘delete queue items’ activity


Hi Buddy @taksilsahil
Yes ofcourse thats possible to remove the queue items but make sure that those queue items are in NEW status, then only we can use DELETE QUEUE ITEMS activity…
If not we wont be able to delete them using that activity …

Then what to do if the queue items have changed the status from NEW to any other status like IN PROGRESS, or any other
Well we dont need to worry about removing the item which are in IN PROGRESS status, as it will get removed automatically when it is not processed for 24 hours…this applies only for a item in IN PROGRESS status…
Then for others…?
We dont have an option to remove the items which are apart from new or in progress status, were we need to get to orchestrator and delete the entrie QUEUE itself and recreate a new queue…or simply adding a new item under the same queue but with different reference name, this can be given the add queue item activity with property Reference in it in the studio while adding queue items…
This is how it can be handled buddy
Kindly try this and let know for any query or clarification
Cheers @taksilsahil

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any issues still buddy @taksilsahil

Thank you so much bro,No Issues for now I will contact you if anything goes wrong

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Cheers @taksilsahil

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