How to prevent adding old item in the Orchestrator Queue?

Hello, I have an excel file from where I want to add 71 items in the Orchestrator queue. Every time I run my project it adds all the items (old and new). However, I want only to add the new items only.

I am planning to run the bot monthly anyways after I am done working in the project. My question is, If I schedule it for once in a month, will the old data get deleted automatically form the queue after 24 hours?

For the testing purpose now, what should be my approach in terms of running the project? should I delete the items from the queue and then run it?

Please help!!!


Filter the new data from excel file and add it to Queue. If you no longer needed old data then delete it from queue.

@lakshman Thank you. Can you please answer my first question? If I don’t do anything with the queue items for one month, will it automatically get deleted?

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It can’t. You need to delete it manually.