Add Queue Item, Get Queue item, set status

I want to download excel sheet from email.
then add records to the queu from H9 column till the last data in that column
then get those records to process
then set status
and delete the excel sheet

Do the following steps in reframework

After Downloading excel sheet

  1. use read range activity for reading the sheet
    3.use assign activity for filtering the required column values and removing other column values

4.use for each row in datatable
Inside use add queue item activity to add to queue

5.the above steps need to done in a workflow name it as a dispatcher and place it in the first run

6.later in the process the use assign activity to update the status the end process use delete file activity for deleting the excel file



Hope the below steps would help you resolve this

  1. Drag Use Excel activity to read the data from excel or use Read Range workbook activity

  2. Get the output as dt datatable

  3. Now use For each row in datatable activity where pass the dt as input

  4. Inside the loop use a ADD QUEUE ITEM activity
    where mention the item as CurrentRow(“H columnname”).ToString.Trim and mention the queue name you have created in orchestrator
    This will add a queue item with New status

  5. Then outside the loop use any sort of activity you want to process that queue item

  6. To get the queue item as in progress use GET TRANSACTION ITEM activity

  7. To set the status of queue item after processing use a Set Transaction Status activity

  8. Then to delete that excel file use Delete File activity

Hope this helps

Cheers @avinash.wankhede


Please check this video…what you asked is a common dispatcher and performer type