How Remove the Queue items


i have one issue in queue items are successfully processed and it deleted in the queue items…

Unable to remove the queue.

snapshot attached.


“delete queue items” just marks them as deleted (for traceability purposes)

if you want them completely removed i think you can only delete and recreate the entire queue

Hi @jack.chan

see i have one queue item is add to orchestrator that items processed sucessfully after deleted the queue items…

if update the same queue items is unable to add to the orchestrator queue items. i got error…


you want to add new queue item or update deleted queue item?, for the 1st case please check your Queue definition.

Are you using API or BOT to add/update queue item

Hi @brij.sharma

i am using Bot… to deleted the queue item.


Hi @Shyam_Pragash

Here is the link for the same

You can also use Orchestrator API for this, let me know if needed i can share link of that as well


In my case, I was able to display 1000 transactions in the queue by changing in the url the values index=0&size=1000, then press enter to reload.
1000 was the maximum I was able to enter, but it helps a lot compare to the 50 by default.
If one or more transactions out of the 1000 are already deleted, you may have to select manually using the Shift + click to select a range.