Orchestrator filters and columns - Improvement Suggestions

Hi UiPath team
It will be great if there are some improvements done in the way how users can filter Orchestrator jobs and how the ‘Started’ and ‘ended’ columns are displayed.

Suggestions -

  1. Added date/time filter so that jobs can viewed for specific time range
  2. Allow users to save filters so that the repetitive filters can be used easily
  3. Display the exact timestamp in the ‘started’ and ‘ended’ columns (screenshot below), like how the timestamp appears when you hover over any ‘x minutes ago’ text.
  4. Allow users to navigate to a specific page. So that the users do not have to click tens of times on the ‘next’ button to find a specific job.

These small things will be really helpful. Keep up the great work!



2 more -

In the Assets page -

  • ‘last modified date’ column
  • ability to import and export assets.

Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.

Is there any update on improvements on date/time timestamp being displayed on Started/Ended columns . This was posted in Nov 2019 ? 2 hours ago, 1 day ago is of no use if we wish to send screenshots of the test executions as it doesn’t show the exact date/time of the test execution. Hovering over is of no use when taking screenshots.

There is also an issue with date/time format being in US date/time format even when the Tenant region is Europe and Time zone is UTC (Dublin, Edinburgh, London) so it should be in European date/time format

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This was postponed and moved as a part of improvements for this year.


Thanks Pawel, hopefully will be implemented soon as will be important for European UiPath customers