Is it possible to change any date/time columns so that the content displays in date/time format?


Is there a way to change the display of any date/time columns in Orchestrator e.g. On test Execution, Test Sets. Test Cases screens so that the date/time is displayed in date/time format e.g. 06/12/2021 11:16.38 AM (NOT 3 hours ago, 24 mins ago etc).

I want to provide screenshots of results so the current information is NOT useful as doesn’t display the date/time stamps (only when you hover over it - which is no good for a screenshot)



You can hover your mouse over that timing and it will show the complete time stamp
Take a print screen and you can share that

Cheers @om9417

Sorry, that is not what I asked or want as I want the date/time stamps of all the test case executions when I take the screenshot… is there no admin of the display of date/time columns ?

Well for now there is no such option directly from orchestrator
May be will be added in future release
You can also submit your idea directly from orchestrator under ? Or help Symbol

But still if you want that as a report you can get that data from Orchestrator database where you can get the complete timestamp under the table for test cases

Hope this would help you

Cheers @om9417

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as I’m getting prompted by the forum to close this topic. I will say it’s closed and there isn’t a current solution to what I originally asked unless you use data from a database. I have submitted an idea so that this information can be presented.

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@om9417 You can vote for feedback oh this existing topic.

It does mention ‘exact timestamp’, but perhaps if you want to go into more details on the level of customization for a time stamp format you can provide the details in a new Feedback topic, or if you wish I can move this topic into the Feedback Category.

Depending on if you are a Customer or Community User, providing Feedback / Requests directly within the customer Portal, Insider Portal, Feedback Link within Studio can be helpful.

Posting in the Feedback Category they are reviewed by the Forum Staff and manually added to their Internal tracker, when you submit a request via Studio, it automatically gets added to their Internal Tracker. I will sometime post in both as posting on the forum allows for other Community Users to see the post and vote on it.

The benefits of going through Customer or Insider Portal is you can work closer with your CSM on the importance of a request to help define the urgency if there is one.

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