Orchestrator and Your IT Environment - Give us your thoughts!

Hello dear UiPath lovers!

It’s that time of the year again, luckily for us, when we get to come and ask for your help! :blush:

You helped us tremendously with the features throughout the years, you helped us test the product and give insights into what’s not working properly and you helped others here, on the forum, with questions and answers.

And for that - chapeau! You are our greatest power in the magnificent world of RPA.

We are looking to creating even more cool things and improving all our products, but now we are wondering what technologies we can use to take the next steps towards our goal.

In order to do that, we have created the following survey which explores in very few questions which services and technologies you might be using in your organisation which we could leverage in Orchestrator and other products.

It only takes 2 minutes. Thanks a lot for helping us!


Done :+1:

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I haven’t seen latest version of Orchestrator but here are few things that makes it a nightmare for me when it comes to use an older version of Orchestrator:

1.)Search engine is the worse. There is no most important filter: Time.
It should be possible to set up "from-t"o for start time and “from-to” for endtime
Currently I have to click couple houndreds of time to scroll jobs pages to get a successfull job finished 2 days ago.
2.)Datetime in “ago” format and datetime in an onmouseover hint. This is crazy idea of someone who is not using that tool by himself.
3.)Impossible to change column width. I.e. View Logs->Time column present YYYY/MM/DD HH. Minutes and sec are cut and it is not possible to see them in FullHd resoution.
4.) There are no miliseconds in log entry timestamp and refreshing log entries in view log makes their position random. It is not in chronological order.
5.) Id like to see “RemoveAndRetry Item” option for any item in a queue.

It is not what You were asking for but Id love to see that fixed or make it possible to configure in newer version rather than implement new features.


these are thought from my customer.

  1. No filter by period date when download Logs message on Robots > Logs.
  2. Transactions on Dashboard, they don’t understand and don’t know how to read it. it’s very technical. especially Application Exception, Business Exception.
  3. No Editable on Process Name.



@bdziedzi thank you for all your feedback, it’s really valuable and completes the questions in the survey.

@iamwiliamb check this out


@irahmat this is really helpful, thanks a lot!

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I actually just suggested this through a ticket, however here’s a couple of thoughts from here:

  • Global process search/filter for the Orchestrator, so that only the assets, schedules, queues and such appear for that particular chosen process. Will help search more easier in the Orchestrator.
  • Assets description to get a better understanding of each asset when handing over a process or receiving a process from another
  • The Orchestrator does not provide Date and Time format in YYYY-MM-DD or similar, at least for queue items, it just says 1 day ago, 2 days, 3 days and such. Which does not make it particular easy to navigate.
  • I suggested a feature in another post that was never followed up on: Skip Holidays Option for Orchestrator Scheduling - #3 by PD2 but it would make sense to being able to have different holiday schedules for different regions, since the same process can happen multiple places in the world.
  • A feature that allows a collection of error messages and/or e-mails to be defined as an Orchestrator asset, so that you can have a overview of your various defined errors. This could also be handled in the Studio, if that would make more sense.



welly well … other than the branding feature request I posted a few days prior to this thread

the biggest thing for us is limitations on user roles / the privileging model – although most of our issues here can be solved using Organizational Units.

with a Role, as it exists currently, the Orchestrator admin can limit users’ access to any module/feature of Orchestrator, but cannot designate access to individual components/items within that module/feature…

for example - “Jobs”/“Processes” - I can set users to start/stop jobs, but that means any/all jobs , not a specific job/process (and while we’re here I’ll just add - most POSIX systems prefer the terms read/write/execute instead of view/edit/create/delete - like what does it mean if i check the box that says ‘Edit’ or ‘Create’ on the ‘Logs’ section? they can’t edit logs amirite?)

but again, Organizational Units solve this problem - since they effectively replace the functionality of roles (for our purposes), and the admin simply adds users as needed to the unit - you either have access or your don’t.

This is something we are looking for also.

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Done :+1:

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