Date and time format configuration?

Is there an option to configure the date and time format in the orchestrator?

If not it would be great to be able to configure this per user or at least use the server settings. Now it’s confusing which date and time is displayed for different items in logs, queues, and more.


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This post is about date and time format. Now the orchestrator shows all date and time in this format:


Since I’m working in Sweden I’m used to the format 2021-02-17 and a 24 hour time.


For us leaving outside US I think it is very confusing to show AM/PM. It should at least be possible to configure too show 24-hour clock. It can not be to hard to implement and it would increase the UX much.

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Agreed. It’s confusing to have our dates refered to in logs and references as dd/MM/yyyy then get timestamps and deadlines and the like in MM/dd/yyyy. Surely there’s a .dll file we can edit to change this?

In face, it wouldn’t hurt to be yyyy-MM-dd as standard anyway, so it lines up with initialising datetimes!

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Date and Time format in Orchestrator interface is so essential and (I am guessing) very easy to implement.

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