UiPath Orchestrator - Job Searching


by now UiPath Orchestrator is displaying jobs like this:

How can I locate job for future looking into?
The column “Started” is constantly changing.
There is no unique value in this table to locate dedicated job.

Can I for my functionality change column “Started” to be displayed as timestamp?

Thx for help.

Kind Regards,

I’m not aware of any customization or profile settings that would change the display format of the time fields. (I too find it annoying at time). You can however hover your mouse over them to see the time stamp


Couple other thoughts

  • If you use Queues, you could trace the Job from the Queue Item
  • Leverage the API to request list of jobs with a custom filter.

@codemonkee thank you.

Elapsed time is useless information. :frowning:

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