Orchestrator Feedback - Allow account expiration days to more than 120 days

Purpose: to have the flexibility to align with organization’s password policy

Please assist to move to the appropriate categories. I tried to create in Feedback-Orchestrator, but no access to create new topic.


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Its ok,
I hope you got the answer, refer to the below image

Hi Maneesha, understand there is setting to change that, but currently the max value for that is 120 days, where our company policy is more than 120 days. Appreciate the future enhancement we can change that limit. Currently am using 2019 in-prem Orchestrator. Thanks

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I hope you are using Enterprise Edition
Go to your App Server ==> Open “Web.config” file (C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Orchestrator)

search “Auth.Password.DefaultExpirationDays”
then set the value (value=“XX”) {Change “XX” as your company policy }

save the web config on the desktop and replace it with the original location
Then restart the IIS.

Important: Always keep the backup of the Web config file before doing any changes

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@Maneesha_de_silva, thanks again. I checked with Uipath for “Auth.Password.DefaultExpirationDays”, they advised me that this may overlap with the setting in your screenshot above especially when you do changes from the Orchestrator. Thus, they recommend me to add in to the voice for future enhancement instead.

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