Change password Expiry/Notification for Credentials in Orchestrator

Can you able to add an option in Creating Credentials in Orchestrator.

password Expiry date/days and notification before expiry

Most of the AD account passwords and Mainframe passwords need to change before certain days, it will use if we set in Orchestrator, and notify Robot Admin on time.

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Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.


+1 - Highlighting here that this is a crucial feature that is currently missing from Orchestrator, and makes it very difficult to scale past a few processes / bot users.

The problem:

Within several organizations, credentials have an expiry date (6 months or 1 year) after which they have to be refreshed. When the bot uses one of these credentials, the process that is running abruptly encounters an error when the password expires and causes a downtime in a productive process.

Include an expiry date as an optional field with every credential, so that an infrastructure engineer / process monitor is alerted and can reset the password in a timely manner and avoid downtime.


Taking this a step further, with something was bas been discussed since 2018 in the forums - there should be an easy way for Orchestrator/something interacting with Orchestrator to automatically update the passwords for those AD accounts on which the Robots sit and run, and update Orchestrator in line with this.

This might be of help which I just found.

UiPath staff - I’ve attended quite a few of your conferences but they all seem more idea/discussion/“what’s possible” based - would it be possible to run a few “RPA Admin 101” workshops where you work with customers to help explain and run through the use of scripts such as the one above, and/or other ways to manage the environments? I know a lot of this is in your academy, but there are still lots of questions floating round about many activities so perhaps the tutorials aren’t always working so having these public sessions might take some strain off customer support managers dealing with similar things across many customers too?

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