Credential Expiry Field in Orchestrator

Credential Expiry - As we all know that, if we are setting up a Password it will be Expiry will in 60 days or 90 days. So, we should have a field in Orchestrator to note it would be great idea to avoid failure.

Before the Password Expire we should get an remainder Notification on last 3 days of expire. So, that Business will not be affected (Bank Project are getting on this one more usually)

Let us Consider a Scenario,
→ If Password got Expired on 91 days & BOT try to Login with Credentials thrice then Account be locked then it run us into risk. Then unlocking account & setting up a New Password may affect business for 2 or More days. So, if we adding a “Expire” Field in Orchestrator it will help avoid all the above risks.
[Note: BOT will use/check system time to find (Calculate) the Expire date]

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Awesome idea, I prefer to proactively change passwords but this would be a great feature.
Ideally via the Ui you can specify a date or a number of days the cred is valid for.

I think it should not affect the activity to grab credentials however or at most be a warning log or something rather than throwing an error.

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Awesome idea it would be great once we have this feature mesns

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For these advanced scenarios, we recommend to use a 3rd party credential store, like CyberArk, AKV, etc – Orchestrator has a few of them supported. It’s not the purpose of the existing functionalities to duplicate a lot of the features that are much better implemented in established & mature products.