Orchestrator failed to start jobs

Hello, I am trying to run simple message box activity through orchestrator and I keep getting this error.


Usually appears when you use High-Density Robots (server machine with multiple users) and you have the logintoconsole parameter set to true in the UiPath.settings file

Please check this for any orchestartor related issue.

Thanks for help but i don’t have access to this topic


This error is displayed in the following cases:

  • The Robot cannot create a logon session at that moment (the error is displayed every time you try to start the Robot). You are connected over RDP to a Robot machine with a different username (e.g. a Robot has the X - admin and you are connected over RDP with the Y username). To avoid this error, sign out all the RDP connections on the Robot machine.

  • When the error is displayed randomly (sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t), make sure that the Robot machine has enough resources (e.g. CPU, memory). Try to connect using mstsc and see how long it takes. The Robot has a 60 seconds timeout period for an RDP connection. If this time passes, the error is displayed.

Make sure that you have enough sessions for rdp (task manager → users - disconnect / signout other users)