Orchestrator error “the machine key is linked to another machine”

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I am ready to get my project running in orchestrator but can’t seem to get the robot to connect. I was working on another project, under another tenant which I think is causing the issue…but I disconnected and deleted all the info from it before creating a new one. Here are the screen shots for the error “the machine key is linked to another machine”

I can’t seem to figure this one out…

robotconnectionerror3.JPG1348x462 31.8 KB


robotconnectionerror4.JPG610x593 20.4 KB


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Did you try deleting this Robot and creating a new one?


Yes, I’ve also uninstalled/reinstalled, cleaned my computer…I am so stumped!

Hi abster,

The error message clearly states that the Machine Key you are trying to use in the Robot Settings dialog is linked to another machine.

The Robot you defined in Orchestrator seems to be linked to the Abster_Laptop machine, not to the WIERNIKANDREOLI machine. So please edit the Robot and update the Machine name, then go to the Machines page, copy the corresponding key for the WIERNIKANDREOLI Machine and use it in the Robot Settings dialog.



Thank you so much! That was the fix.

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