Getting Started - Issue connecting Robot

Hi All,

I am brand new to RPA and UiPath. I am excited to learn how to use the tool however I am having issues connecting all of the pieces together.

I started by creating a machine, robot, and the environment. When I went to try and publish the process I was hit with an error. “Machine key is linked to another machine”
When I did some research it seemed like my robot was not connected. I went to my orchestrator and noticed the error below. In addition, I noticed that it says my robot is disconnected on the cloud dashboard.

Can someone help me figure out how to get this? Thank you all in advance and I look forward to being a part of this community.

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@ryan.fiedler Check this post :

I checked out this post and I think I may have figured out the issue. Looks like my machine name is different than the machine name in the cloud. How can I change this to match?

@ryan.fiedler You need to Create a New Robot or Delete the Existing Robot in Cloud if not Necessary and Create a new one with the Current Machine Name

Hi SupermanPunch - I deleted the old one and created a new robot.

Seems like it is still disconnected

@ryan.fiedler Have you changed the Orchestrator Settings in Robot Tray ?

Im not sure I understand.
the current set up of the machine in orchestrator is set up like this

@ryan.fiedler I meant have you changed the Setting in here :

I just created another robot and connected and Provided Machine Name, Machine Key and URL and it was Connected


Please can you check if the machine name matches the hostname(In the cmd prompt, type in hostname and check this value) of the system you are trying to connect.

I highlighted in yellow the robot, machine, and settings. They all match but still seems to be discounted. In red I put a box around what I think is the issue. The name seems to be off but I am unable to change it.

@ryan.fiedler You need to use that machine Name S01629-7480 which is the System name if I’m not wrong

Host names seem to match so my theory is out the window.

To get this fixed I had to use a machine template instead of a standard. In addition I had to use a studio floating robot. After I did this I was able to get my

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