Orchestrator Error on Trigger Robot run

Can anyone help me on below issue. It is urgent to resolve.
Getting an error while triggering from orchestrator and this was running successfully before. I am facing issue from 2 days only. see below error message.

Account restrictions are preventing this user from signing in. For example: blank passwords aren’t allowed, sign-in times are limited, or a policy restriction has been enforced. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007052F)

It is giving me an error even I manually run. And From Uipath assistance it is running manually fine.

Can you please share a screenshot?

Sure @SantoshPothina . Currently RDP is not let me login it is locked.

Well that’s your problem. Unlock the account.

I am aware @postwick to unlock the account but before that it was running perfectly that’s what I try to resolved , because after some time it was stopped automatically. It is running manually from Ui Assistance but not from orchestrator, neither triggered nor manually.

After unlocking the account, are you still seeing the error?

Account is still locked, IT people working on this issue. After they resolved, will try and let you know if error is again pop up. @postwick

Hello @postwick . Still getting an error after unlocking the RDP. Can you help me to resolve this? @SantoshPothina


In Orchestrator have you typed the correct username and password in for the Robot?

yes, it is same as before. Currently all processes running manually from uipath assistance but i am not sure why giving error on orchestrator trigger. It seems to login issue with machines. @postwick

Make sure the password hasn’t expired nor been changed by someone - the account becoming locked indicates multiple failed login attempts. Make sure permissions for the Robot in Orchestrator haven’t changed. Make sure the domain account has remote logon permissions.

Thanks @postwick would you please guide me to check all the things correctly? I am new to this so, need support how to check everything is correct?

Please help me. Thanks in advance.

As for the Active Directory account, have your network or security administrator help you with that.