Login error in an application

Hello friends,

When a project is run through orchestrator we are getting a message as “Login error” and if we open application one time manually and then start the job from orchestrator then it runs fine without any issues. We were not able to find any login error pop up and kept screen shot but found only desktop screen captured when the robot thrown error as “Login error”. Could you please advice on this issue?


Hi @Boopathi

Is your Login error while logging into the robot machine or does the application require a login?

Make sure your Machine, Domain\Username, and Password in Orchestrator are correct and have permission to log into the robot machine.


The application does not require login credentials. In orchestrator both username and password are correct. When robo starts, it will just search for a path in c:\ and open the application by clicking on the icon. We kept a screen shot to check before process start. It just tooks the blank desktop before searching the path c:\


I still don’t understand where the login error is coming from but instead of searching c:\ and clicking on the icon can you use the Start Process activity to open your application? The other option is to create a shortcut on your desktop, give it a Shortcut Key, and use Send Hotkey to open the application.

Are those options?