Orchestrator error in REframework

I am getting the error as in the attachment please do needful.


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Hey @HeartCatcher

Kindly check the config variable you are passing whether that is initialized and has value !


In the settings tab in config.xlsx check if there is OrchestratorQueueName under Name column and queue name you have used under Value column

the name for your queue in your config folder is missing, or you are not passing the config from initialized

your queue name is null i guess so , check it

@HeartCatcher Make sure you are passing the right queue name. Print the config variable in a message box and check the value

Hi @HeartCatcher,

Are you encountering this error in the first item?

If so, check the config collection, make sure the queue name is included with the correct label.


Hi @HeartCatcher

The name of queue is not passed in config properly

Please do update in your config settings sheet and try again