AddQueue Error In Dispatcher Process

Getting exception AddQueue.

Can you send the screenshot of add queue items properties???..
Whether you are reading the queue name from the config file???..

Hi @sunilraju,

Check the key value of row variable. i.e row("WI4") or row("Wl4") L or I, because the dictionary keys are case sensitive.

Make sure that the Queue name is set for the Add Queue Item activity in the properties panel.

you can set directly the name of queue which is in Orchestrator or read the queue name from the config file (recommended).

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Hello @sunilraju

Make sure you have provided the proper queue name in the config file under settings sheet.
Queue name should come under the value column and in the code, use the name you have used under the name column to refer the the queue.

In_config("Name in name column).ToString