Assiginment 2

" Getting error after process.xaml which is saying process finished due to no more get transaction data"… can anyone help me in this

@Syed_Arshad - Can you please check Queue item variable. Is it Empty or having value in it.

@sandipauti In add queue item Queue name=in_Config(“OrchestratorQueueName”).ToString this and item information has the value like this

Can you check the variable name define inside config file and check there is any data associated with that variable .

This error is due to queue item variable is empty.


i didnt get you…

yes in config file the name n value are same…@sandipauti)…

@Syed_Arshad - You are getting data from the orchestrator server ? if yes then probably the variable is empty.

NO im not getting data , actually the workitems page in acme its not moving to next pages…when i run the flow @sandipauti