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I am logged into Demo.UIPath.com, set up everything for my first robot. I’ve run the Robot in UI Path Studio and UI Path Robot successfully and published it successfully. But when I click Play in Orchestrator. My job status says Pending and nothing happens. Here is a snapshot of the Play and Details screen. There are no Log messages.

If anyone has an idea of what I am doing wrong I would appreciate the assistance.


Another question I have and I am not sure it has anything to do with this problem pertains to the values set when I created the Robot in Orchestrator. When I tried to either type in my Windows password or even no password, then Update. It says it was successful but if I go back in to edit it a password value was created that is not what I entered. It reflects my Machine Name and I can’t change it. I thought that was what Item 6 stated.


Is your robot connected to orchestrator or not ?

If not then try with this link: https://platform.uipath.com

Hi @MaryB2019

The job goes in pending state because while provisioning the robot you would have given only username, you have to give Domain\username

Refer the below post

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I changed it to my Domain\Username and it ran successfully in Manual mode within Orchestrator, however, when I tried to schedule it, there is nothing showing up in the Jobs status after it says it ran. so I am ne step closer thank you.

Any ideas on the following?

I also checked the Robot Provision and the Password for my system is being overwritten after I click Create or Update. My original password is being automatically changed to the Domain\Username as shown in the third screen shot.

Any ideas? Here is the screen shot before I clicked Update

Screen shot of my password (Length is 10)

Screen Shot after I go back in and edit. New Password has a length of 20

This is the value of that encryption after I copied and pasted it to view it.



There are few performance issues with CE orchestrator and particularly for scheduling and uipath team is looking into that.

Thank you, so I guess I will have to skip the part of the course that I am taking pertaining to scheduling for now.


Yes, but you can check the orchestrator in timely manner, it can be working in any minute.

Thank you the scheduling is working now. So it has nothing to do with the password.