Job stucked in Pending state Started from Orchestrator

I configured a Robot in Orchestrator community edition Every Job is stucked in Pending state for hours started from Orchestrator. If we ran the same job from UiPath Robot on system it gets executed immediately and gets competed.

As per earlier thread for similar issue peoples have been suggested to add Domain Name before user name while setting a robot in orchestrator like (Domain\Username) and this worked for them. However, we don’t have a domain name in personal computers. We have work group only. Adding work group is not helpful.

Any help is appreciated.




Open cmd prompt and type whoami and see what is your PC name and same enter there.

And also are you followed all steps to establish connection between orchestrator and robot. And also check in robot page whether it is showing available or not ?

Please help some Screenshots and we need to check once

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THANKS, This helped. Whoiam command in CMD gives user name as Machine name\username. Used it and it’s working.


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