Orchestrator connection lost

All my robots suddently lost connection with Cloud: “Error connection, connection lost, orchestrator time out,…”. What should I do to get it back?
Btw, I found out that UiPath Studio Community version ask for activate (which I just renew a few days ago), but show no Device ID. What to put in there? Pls help!

Hi @tranthao240495

If you had the activation done through the orchestrator previously, first make sure that your robot is connected with the orchestrator. Run the UiPath robot and go to its settings. There you will find whether its connected or not. If it’s not connected, try connecting it again. Close the Studio before you try. Once connected open Studio and it will pick up the license automatically.

If you are to reactivate the community license, the device ID can be found in the Help section of the Studio. Then go to below link and activate the license again.


Once done close the Studio and open again and you will be good to go :slight_smile: