Orchestrator CE


I am using the free community edition of studio. Apparently robot doesn’t come with that. I checked my Windows services and there isn’t anything related to UiPath listed. Also, there’s nothing under C:\Program Files (x86).


Ok, then please try going to this directory:

There you will probably have a folder named ‘app-*’. Open that folder and the UiRobot.exe should be there.


Nope, there is no UiPath directory under my appdata\local dir


apologies, I just found it.


Trying to do practice 2 of Orchestrator 18.2, and I get the error message, “There are no robots with the specified license key”. I copied the key from orchestrator and put it in the robot key field. I am using the Community edition of studio and this is practice 2 of Orchestrator 18.2 training


Have you provisioned the robot in Orchestrator?


I had same problem. Closed Robot Setting window and opened it again. Started working.


I logged in to Orchestrator CE but could not see any robots assigned.
Any possible solution??


Not good.You should have 2 dev. @qateam If you have a license code applied just remove it.


I see that you have uploaded a license with 0 licenses for every kind of robot. If you want the two development licenses, please click the “Remove” button.


I don’t really understand from where we should remove the license.
We don’t have access to other tenants. Also, on 18.2.3 version we cannot manage licenses from host tenant.

vin., 7 sept. 2018, 22:06 Mihai Badita uipath@discoursemail.com a scris:


You can also click on Remove button and after that you should have 2 Development robots.

sâm., 8 sept. 2018, 07:09 Rocsana Ciurea rocsana.ciurea@uipath.com a scris:


Thanks @rocsana @badita It solved my problem.


Hello everyone!
If there is a possibility to install Orchestrator on machine which runs on Windows 10.
Would appreciate your input!


New user here and using CE orchestrator to do the training. However, when I create a new standard robot, there is no key displayed. The first field is machine name, the key field is not even there. How can I provision this robot on my local machine ui robots without a key?


There is a slight change in the orchestrator panels after V2018.3.
Check this out


Thank you kaderms, I found the machine key in the “info” button of the machine in orchestrator. Much appreciated!


I am sorry if I missed it but how does one get access to the CE Orchestrator? I have for my dev. at work but I learn on my home machine (no business just learning) I would LOVE to have the ability to try Orchestrator as I cannot get my Windows Task Schedule to properly kick off my find puppy test sample :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance


Hi @Kathi_W

See here :slight_smile:

This is it, you just have to register your tenant there and you have it :slight_smile:


The platform seems to be down at the moment ?