CE Robot & Orchestrator can talk?

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I have a bit confusion here , would be grateful if anyone could clarify this.
“We have Community edition of UIPATH studio , but the robot is connected to Orchestrator server does this mean CE Robots can be used to configured to talk Orchestrator ? or How the license is managed from Orchestrator to the Robots?”


Yes, they can. With the latest release of Orchestrator, the lines between licensed and unlicensed UiPath software seem to have blurred a little. Robots are now classified as Attended/Unattended, for which you must purchase licences and register these with Orchestrator, and Free, for which no licence is required, but these robots cannot be run in Production environments. The robot executable itself should be the same and you can register the CE robot with Orchestrator. You can in fact train with Orchestrator for free:

Current Orchestrator documentation is here:

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