Using platform to create deploy and control robots using CE?

I have completed the foundations course - started advanced dev using CE. I do not have orchestrator and have been directed to use platform (as a tenant) to deploy mutiple robots (which I presume is supposed to accomplish the same thing).

Can someone out there please provide a step by step description of how to use platform to create, deploy and control robots (including describing where the robot keys can be found). Thanks


Welcome to the uipath community.

You can use Orchestrator Community Edition. Go to this link: and then use any of the login option if you have account else create new account. Once successful login, go to Services page and there you will find tenant name and click on the that it will navigate to your tenant region in the cloud. To know more about this cloud version then go to Resource Center page and watch the video. They explained well in that.

Please check below thread and follow the steps to connect your machine to Orchestrator.