Orchestrator CE and virtual machina

Hello everybody!

I’m developing an RPA, under CE version (UiPath CE and Orchestrator CE), wich connect to different websites and extracts information. I deployed the RPA on a virtual machine (ASW EC2) and the process works, but when I try to start the process trought the Orchestrator CE, fails unless I keep open a RDP connection.

Can someone helps me with this?

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Check the license is Unattended or not

Unattended bot can work even if RDP is locked

If you are Unattended and still facing issue, check as below for settings

Hope this may help you


First of all, thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

Yes, the process works under Unattended license. I think my configuration is correct, but I’m probably doing something wrong.

I don’t really know what happens, because the process doesn’t work correctly if I close the RDP connection, but if I open the RDP during execution, the process continues correctly :confused:


Anyone can help me with this? I’m really stuck on this.

I want to be able to run the robot in the VM without open a RDP connection.


Suggest to raise the concern to the technical team

Hope this may help you