Facing problem in orchestrator

Hi,am working in uipth community edition ,I have designed studio flow in RDP machine and trying to triggering through orchestrator, I assigned robot in unattended environment while triggering process in my machine by minimizing and closing RDP machine but uipath is not running untill we open RDP machine.Please can help me out in this.

Hi @DivyaT
Instead of Umattended try using Studio while provisioning a robot

ashwin S

Is the process developed in your machine and ran from your machine…where the process is to be executed in a RDP machine…by connecting RDP wizard

Cheers @DivyaT

I used studio initially but also same problem so i gone through with unattended robot

process developed in rdp machine itself but wants to run in my machine through orchestrator

Hi @DivyaT,
Please try firstly to run this process with Attended Robot without logging off from the machine.

Your unattended process probably is not working because Studio Community Edition is installing robot process under User Thread. This means that when nobody is logged on the machine the process is nor running and Orchestrator will be not able to connect with computer. There is workaround on this (not official UiPath way). You can install robot from MSI package. This should create robot process on System Thread.

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In order to install the Robot from msi you can download the UiPathStudio.msi installer from platform.uipath.com

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