Orchestrator CE: Add local user button missing

Hi, just upgraded to the newest version of robot. Found out that all existing processes need to be migrated in a modern folder. Followed this video on youtube, but can’t find this button to add a local user:

Actually it is not possible to add a user anymore.

Please can someone help as this is pretty urgent.

Your user is can miss some roles - check it first

I’m the Org Admin. Should be able to do everything. Which roles should my user have then.

and do you have cloud or on permits?

I’m on cloud CE

try this UiPath Cloud Platform - Managing Users - YouTube

I know how to manage users. Let me explain my problem exactly.

I think there was an upgrade a few days ago because when creating a new Process there is now a required field for a specific Entry point. When trying too run this process i get an error that my robot agent doesn’t support specific Entry point. So i’m required to upgrade. So i upgraded.

But the new robot agent didn’t show any of my processes. After searching online i found out that i need to migrate to a modern folder. My problem is now that i need to create an unattended bot in a modern folder. The video linked above show how to do this. But i can’t seem to find the button to Add A Local User.

Because this is an unattended bot, there is no AD account for the user.

ok let see one more thing there are two views of robots:
In tenant: where you have a list of all robots:

and in folder

In the folder one you can create robot.
Just to confirm - maybe you lost yourself in layout

Yes. In the old way (Classic Folder) you need to create a robot in the folder and this is linked to a machine. But in the new way (Modern Folder) you need to add a User in Tenant and this creates a robot. Then you can assign the user(bot) to a modern folder.

It seems that this functionality does not exist yet in Cloud Orchestrator.