Orchestrator - Users - Add Local User

We have an enterprise trial version of Orchestrator.
We have created Modern Folders, Users, Assets, Processes.
We have several AWS machines setup. They are not members of a domain.
On the bot, we have the robot “Connected and Licensed”. We also have local admin accounts.
We cannot get Orchestrator to push the package to these machine.
We think it has something to do with users.

In Orchestrator, we are trying to add Local Users, but this option does not exist. We only have the ability to Check Permissions and Add Users and Groups. Does this option no longer exist or is there a setting somewhere that will allow the Add Local Users option?

Thank you

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Hi @John_Tsujimoto
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Do do that u have to edit web.config file
Refer the below

The link that you provided is for version 2017.1
We are using the latest version of Orchestrator 2020.5.0 Enterprise Trial. This is a cloud version, so I have no idea how to get to the web.config.

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hi @John_Tsujimoto
please raise a ticked for UiPath Tecnical Support

@John_Tsujimoto I am running into the same issue. How was this solved for you?

I’m also facing the same issue with community edition.

From Tenant > User > Add, Add Local User option is not displayed, Is there any solution for this