Orchestrator can't run a job (Error: 0x800700AA)

Hi, how are you?
Well, i’m new to UiPath, so pardon me if this is a silly problem or something like that.
I installed both Studio (Robot too) and Orchestrator in a VM (Windows 7) on my machine, using SQL Server 2014 Express and IIS7, using a self-signed certificate.
I managed to connect a robot to the Orchestrator, but i can’t run a job because of this:

I saw other topics about this error, where “High Density Robots” are mentioned, but, if i did understand, that’s only applicable when Windows Server is being used.
In my case, it’s all on my VM, with Windows 7 installed.
Already tried to restart the robot service and to set the “LoginToConsole” to false.
Can someone give me a light?

I’m assuming you can only have 1 login session at a time since you are on Windows 7.
“Resource is in use” error could be caused if you try to connect to another user id while a different one is taking up the login sessions that are available, which in your case might be only 1. Meaning you might need to have all users signed off completely. However, it should work if you use the same user id that is logged in already.

I’m not sure, but it’s probably something like that.