The CE robots has become UNLICENSED



I’m using the CE Orchestrator and two CE development robot
I had two free robots connected, worked successfully without errors, this morning one robot began to burn in an orange circle and wrote that he was “Unlicensed”. Only connected
How to fix it?

Orchestrator -Adding Robot to the created Environment

According to the new license model, your robot gets licensed in Orchestrator only when you run a job or you have Robot tray\Studio opened.

Also, you have the same username on both robots, so your second robot can be licensed only after the firs one releases it

Please read more about the new license model:


Thanks for the answer


Hi Kirill,

I want to mention that your query has been reconsidered and we will change the licensing model only for Community Edition Robots so you won’t encounter this anymore. The change will be done in the next releases so for now the workaround would be for you to have different users.



It is our mistake.

The license has been moved to Development - Named User a few months ago due to a debug issue… It will let you provision 2 users on N machines but use only one at a moment of time (starting from now on).

As a workaround you may change the username on the 2nd machine.

In the next release we’ll change the licensing type for CE to Non-Production and it will work fine.


Thanks for the answer
I do not quite understand
Non production robots will have the functions development robots?
or will there no longer be such a possibility?
It is very convenient for showing customers the possibility of the program and understanding the settings for autonomous work


Thanks for the answer)