Managing environment in Level 2: I can't find any robot available

I am trying to follow the training “Level 2 - Orchestrator 2018.3 Training” in UiPath academy. I am stuck in the first video where they are creating environment. I don’t see any robot to select after creating the environment. I have attached a picture which comes after clicking on the button “Create”.

Please help!

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Is Your UiRobot Connected to the Orchestrator

Have a look at the below link


@mukeshkala I am totally new in this platform. I ran the executable file of UiRobot. What else do I need to do to connect it to the Orchestrator?

Please visit the Link

This is what you have to do to connect the UiRobot to Orchestrator.

@mukeshkala I am able to connect the Uirobot but the status is unlicensed. Is this why I am not getting any robot in the robot sections?

What can be the solution in my case? Can you help?

Now you have to configured the machine in Orchestratot.

  1. Configure new machine in the Machine Tab in Orchestrator.
  2. then copy that machine key from [orchestrator] and paste it into machine key field of [robot] system tray.

3.And check DomainName\username in robots page .
To check this first open CMD prompt then type whoami . It will give you exact domainName and username and same write into robots page. It should be case sensitive.


@mukeshkala I added the machine first. Then used the machine key to connect UiRobot with orchestrator. It’s showing unlicensed status. What can be the problem?

No go to the Robot Tab and Try Adding a New Standard Robot

1.Select the Machine
2. Give the name
3.In Domain\Username … Type the result we get from typing whoami in cmd .
4.Type Windows password and Create a Robot.


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