Orchestrator Accounts

Hey community,

I’d like to open an account for a colleague.
As I dont want him to have certain permissions, my idea was that he should give me two mail adresses. WIth the first I’d like to register his account and then invite his other mail address as an automation user.

But I am worried that he would be able to reset the password of the registration mail address, when he just clicks on “forgot password”. Is there any way to avoid this?

Thanks a lot in advance!

It is not clear to me what you are trying to achieve. The first account to open an Organization with https://cloud.uipath.com/ becomes the Org Admin. So either you own the organization and are managing it, or this other individual does in which case they have the right to manage their own organization.

There are two levels of User management

  1. Cloud Users / Groups
  2. Orchestrator Users / Groups and Roles/Permissions

From Cloud Portal, the Org Admin and other Admins can go into Admin > Accounts & Groups to configure the Users, Groups & Authentication Settings, This includes other Administrators and ‘normal’ users. You can add a user to the pre-existing groups or create new ones.

To manage the Orchestrator Access, you would go into your Orchestrator Tenant, Select Tenant > Manage Access in order to manage your Orchestrator’s Users and Groups in relationship to the Roles (Permissions) that those Users/Groups would have.

Please see the following documentation for more details.

As an end user, I would not want anyone else to have access to my account without my consent and even at that it would be a short lived delegation of sorts. I would definitely not want someone else to know my credentials or be put in a position where I am unable to change my own credential. As a system owner I would encourage my users and enforce certain policies for safe security practices.