Orchestrator Account Issue

Hello All,

I am new to RPA I recently started learning RPA tool. I have created a Login account to deploy my robots in this following path “https://platform.uipath.com”. After that deployed successfully. After that, if I try to login with same credentials I can’t log in says as account does not exist this happens multiple times

Please let me know how to solve this issue.

Are you entering the tenant name?

yes I do but still it says account not valid

Hey @srajrsraj Tenants are deleted every 7 days if not used so this may be an issue… Try creating new one and use at least once a day so that you will not face this issue in future… :slight_smile:

Sure I keep you posted

Hey @srajrsraj , Can you please mark my post as ‘Solution’ if it resolved your issue? :slight_smile:

Hello @NavneetPanpaliya Sorry I am still facing issue. I created new account with in 10 min if i relogin it says account does not exist. And now i am facing new issue when i try to run in local I am getting “A robot with user name “***”” is not defined in orchestrator.

Can you provide screen print of robot and orchestrator settings so that I can help you to fix the issue?

Please have a look at this issue. In the mean time i will provide screenshot

Hey @srajrsraj try using this URL https://staging.uipath.com/account/login? and create new tenant here. After login configure your robot and check if you face same issue again. Hopefully you will not face any issues… :slight_smile:

Hey @NavneetPanpaliya thanks for your time and help.

Hey @srajrsraj, Is your issue resolved by the solution I provided? If yes, then can you please mark my post as ‘Solution’? :slight_smile: