Orchestrator Community 2018.2.0 2nd time Log in error

When logging in Orchestrator Community 2018.2.0 https://platform.uipath.com/account/login?returnUrl=%2F i get a failure message that i have an ‘Invalid username/email address or password’. It seems that my tenant is not available anymore (i became a tenant today). Resetting my password also unsuccessful because i get the message that: User does not exist.

Is this a known issue or can someone please help?
Thanks in advance

Hi @robbert.cornelissen same issue is going on with me too. Please let me know if you fixed this issue.


Hey @robbert.cornelissen try using this URL https://platform.uipath.com and create new tenant here. After login configure your robot and check if you face same issue again. Hopefully you will not face any issues… :slight_smile: