Error : failed to install package


There is an error, “Failed to install the package source xxxxxx” when trying to install a new package using robot tray.


Do you mean after publishing it from UIpath studio and trying to install it from Robot system tray ?

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Cheers @asyiqinsobri

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Yes. I published from machine A and want to install the package into machine B without orchestrator.


I got same issue once, you can try the below steps

1- stop uirobot.service(from tray)
2. close tray/studio
3. Open your cmd with run as administrator option > sc delete UiRobotSvc
4. Start tray > UiPath.Agent(check again while package is installing or else restart your system once and install), it will work

Hope this helps

Aman Sheik

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I already follow the steps but still got an error.

Kindly uninstall and reinstall the studio
Connect to the orchestrator by creating a new machine
Hope that would work
Cheers @asyiqinsobri


Is there any external packages you are using?(I mean in your code)


We are not using orchestrator. We just deploy an unattended robot in another local machine.
The uipath studio installed in another different machine.

No. We are not using external packages.

Hi Guys,

Please follow the below steps easily to solve this issue.

  1. Search Ui Path robot from the start menu.
  2. Then you can see the available prepossess you have run in orchestrator and also you will see notifications about packages as well.
  3. Then go to orchestrator settings.
  4. Disconnect the orchestrator and connect again
  5. Now you will be able to install the packages successfully again.


yes, i do how to i add them to the robot