Orchestration or background process, or something else...?

I’m so close finishing of this little robot of mine. Just need it to run automatically once a day.

First I tried with Windows scheduler. UiPath got opened but the robot didn’t start running. Then I took a look at Orchestration and background processes but It seems they can’t use the sharepoint activity or web clicking features. Am I missing something…?

A little help? Thank you :slight_smile:

Would it be crazy idea to make it go looping once 24 hours? The computer is on 24/7 anyway so the nature is sad anyway…

May I know which version of Uipath Studio are you using?
If it is on 2019.10 version, please try to search in windows for Uipath Agent Desktop.

You can see something like this

Click on it and you can see Uipath Agent Desktop.

Inside that you can schedule this

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Studio 2019.12.0-beta.6.1 Community Licence. I didn’t find it on my computer but watched a video how to use it. I’m planning to make a robot that runs during the early morning before work starts. If I understood correctly UiPath Agent needs to be triggered somehow…

otherwise you can use orchestrator to schedule the bot and trigger automatically.

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Orchestrator won’t let me use open browser and I want the robot to be unattended… Is it truly so you can’t use unattended robot running in web?

@Anni_K I feel Orchestrator is the Best Option but if that doesn’t work, You can use an Infinite While And Specify Condition as to after how much of Duration from the Current Time You need to run, There is workaround but a bit tricky :sweat_smile:

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well… I quite don’t get this. I make a new orchestrator process, but it does’t have the open brownser activity.

Orchestrator would work with every activity, there is no limitations, you just need to make sure you are selecting a robot of type Unattended when you schedule your process.

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Still being overhelmed about all the options I can do with the orchestrator or not with with… But I found UiPath Tray, and connected the robot to Uipath.com platform. A test robot worked which only went to one web site. Yay for that. Thank you all for help!

Now Im trying to get the real thing working. Publish won’t work. It says:

Error ERROR Value for a required activity argument ‘Password’ was not supplied. uploadtosharepoint.xaml
Error ERROR Value for a required activity argument ‘UserName’ was not supplied. uploadtosharepoint.xaml
Error ERROR Compiler error(s) encountered processing expression “Folder Path”.
End of expression expected. get recent 2 testi directorygetfiles.xaml
Error ERROR Value for a required activity argument ‘Text’ was not supplied. get recent 2 testi directorygetfiles.xaml

On top of that the robot I made is disconnected, but lets figure out the upload issue :slight_smile: Many thanks !

Disconnected issue solved, but I’m still troubled with the sharepoint one. The sharepoint works as intended as I run it, but when I try to publish it to get it to orchestration it gets the above errors. I wonder why. Getting the sharepoint download working was a pain. I’d rather try something else before trying to find other sharepoint activity package.

i think you need to check those values, they seem to be empty for some reason…

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Oh crabbidy crab… These issues. I run to this issue now that I’m trying to publish anything. How do I end this other ‘process’? I’ll start a new thread next time. Let me give you thumbs up :slight_smile:


@Anni_K This error usually means that the File is Open, or Another operation is Being Performed on that File

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I’ve been trying to get this work on two computers… I wonder if this is the case since I only have one community license. And I’ve used that one run testing time already… sigh… Thanks for help

Unattended - Runtime

The maximum number of Unattended Robots that are able to execute back-office processes simultaneously. -1