Back office robot without orchestrator?

Please tell me, I need my robot to work without supervision, that is, I need Back Office Robot
Can I use back office robot without orchestrator??

orchestrator very expensive(((

Hello Kirill,

I think NO, we cant run workflow in back ground without orchestrator. if uipath offers this then orchestrator would not be there.


I can not run front robot office from the studio?

You can

I made a typo
I can not run BACK robot office from the studio?

You can use Task Scheduler and run the robot from a command line without Orchestrator.

Start Process from Command Line


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Thank you for the answer
I need it to work autonomously, when I merge the window RDP the robot stops the process, and when I go back to this window it continues from the very place where I finished

I’m not sure what you mean by merge the window RDP. Sounds like you are manually starting the process and then closing the RDP window and then reopening the window.

I don’t know your configuration but can you put your credentials in Task Scheduler, set a start time, and let it run on it’s own? You should then be able to RDP back it after it has time to complete and check the results.

Does that make sense or does that not work with your set up?

Thanks for the answer!
My goal is to work completely backgraund
Now I’m using the UiPath enterprice version (8 weeks) and a virtual machine with Windows Server 2008 R2 to implement the idea
My company is ready to buy licenses, but without Orchestrator - it’s very expensive
When I tried to implement my idea through the version UiPath Studio Community running the program in manual mode, when I minimized the window RDP the program stopped working and resumed when I opened it again
Now I’m trying to implement this idea through uiPath studio enterprice and demo orchestrator


How sure you are about that?
I am talking about the need to have the orchestrator licence to have a backoffice robot running


@Kirill_Kubskiy How did you achieved this?

What exactly are you interested in? I will answer your questions

Hey @Kirill_Kubskiy,

Did you find a way to run the Robot without orchestrator?
or run in community edition at a scheduled time?
Please let me know.


Hi @Akanksha_Varshney

You can run Robot from the command line, see here:
You can also schedule your jobs from Community Orchestrator, see here:

Hi, yes, using the command line
For details, see the section in the manual on using the “Running processes from the command line”

Thanks for the response @loginerror!

Thanks for responding @Kirill_Kubskiy!

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