Robot is disconnected when I switch my computer on the next day


I have a scheduled unattended robot that is supposed to run daily. However, after I switch off my computer and switch it on the next day, my robot gets disconnected and my process is not triggered until I reconnect the robot manually.

May I know how to prevent my robot from disconnecting as I do not want to reconnect the robot manually everyday.

Thanks a lot!

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hi @cyee

Please check the below post will explain more about Uipath Robot settings,

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Hi @cyee
Technically its not possible,
Even attended or Unattended robot automatically connected to orchestrator if your pc having access to orchestrator without any Issue.

But the thing is that , you may didnt setup your robot to start

Start robot automatically when windows starts
Thats might be the issue

Hi @Maneesha_de_silva, that might be the case.
Currently, I have to open the UiPath Studio before my unattended robot will run.
May I know how do I start robot automatically when windows starts?

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hi @cyee
sorry for the delay
Its as when you going to install the robot , if you didn’t setup , just uninstall the robot ans reinstall it
and when you doing it , just mark the checkbox

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Hi @Maneesha_de_silva, how do you get to that window? I uninstalled and reinstalled my UiPath Studio but did not get that window

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Please forward your setup version and name is it
community edition or enterprise

@Maneesha_de_silva I am using the free version so it’s the community edition. Studio Pro 2020.6.0-beta.93

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Finally :sweat_smile:
Then its will not start automatically , I have made a video
Check the function and do it

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@Maneesha_de_silva thank you! This works :slight_smile:

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