Beginner : run a foreground process on my machine while normally using my PC and not beeing interrupted by the process


I am learning to use UiPath and I am using a free license.
I have the feeling I am misunderstanding the way the orchestrator works.
I developed a process which happens on a browser and use the click, getText, etc activities.
I deployed this process on orchestrator using an unattended robot and my workspace machine.
When running the process, the process opens the browser and complete the tasks. But on the same time, I can’t use my computer…
From what I understand these types of activities (click, getText) are not available in background process.
So, what is the solution to deploy these kind of processes and be able to use my computer ?
Thank you and sorry for this probably very basic question :slight_smile:

Hello @Octave_Descours

You can use background template to create the background process and for clik and typeinto activities, provide input method as simulate click or send windows message. It supports background automation.

It means you can open the browser in minimized mode and execution will continue there.

If you are not providkng simulate click or send windows message, then by default the system will choose hardware events as the input method. It uses the hardware events to actions and you cannot properly use mouse and keyboard during that time.


Hi @Octave_Descours

So if you want to use your machine while running a process it should not contains any interactive activities like click and etc or you need a unattended license assigned to different machine in which your process will be running and you can continue your work in your computer.


Hi Sudharsan,
What is an unattended license ? How can I get it (UiPath) ? When you mean running it on a different machine, soes it mean running it on “Cloud Robots - Serverless” machine or do there are other options ?
With the free version, it seems to me that I can use a robot as the user and “Cloud Robots - Serverless” as the machine, right ? If yes, could I run my process on "“Cloud Robots - Serverless” machine and it could solve my problem ?
Thank you

Hi Rahul,
Are you sure ? Your answer comes in contradiction with what said Sudharsan.
Thank you to precise :slight_smile:

Hi, I am still looking for answers to my questions :slight_smile:

Hi @Octave_Descours

Please contact the Sales support for your licensing details based on your requirement they will tell you what kind of license you can prefer