Orchestartor argument

I am facing an issue while passing input arguments from Orchestrator while Job creation.
It is always taking Studio’s default value and not overriding value is given in Orchestrator.
Please let me know the steps that I need to follow.

I have created a process i.e. ‘Orchestrator’ in UI Path Studio and followed all steps to create Machine, Env, Process, Package, and Job on Orchestrator.
In Studio, I have an input argument which I am trying to pass while Job creation in Orchestrator and trying to run job using same value and not Studio value. But it is always taking default value. I also tried to remove default value, then it shows value as null in Job detail and nothing happens.
Job is showing in_NoOfLines as ‘1’ but it is taking default value as ‘2’ and I am getting output value in message box as created in process but in job details, it is showing as ‘0’.
That means, it is only running through orchestrator but not passing arguments in Job.

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i guess we havent created arguments in our studio with direction as IN rather we would have created variables
to get the values passed in orchestrator as arguments we need to get that as arguments with IN direction in our studio as well and kindly dont create variables and take it

i hope that would be the issue
for a perfect example we got a document from uipath

Cheers @nole_1

I have created the argument with direction IN, but it’s giving null value while running the job

I have had the same issue the argument in the process is IN but the Orchestrator is not over riding the value with the run time parameter