Parameter passing for a specific process from Orches

Hi, I have a simple project and I want to trigger by the orchestrator. I have some value to read, but I want to store the value in Orchestrator and read from Orchestrator while running but for a specific project only. suppose If I want to run 3 bots from orchestrator, so I want to defined separate value for all three bots in Orchestrator. I can see there is a parameter passing option, but I don’t know how to exactly use this. can you please guide.

Where exactly I have to defined the parameter and using then for a bot 1. Like if I three diff processes I want to define in the Orchestrator with each projects. so my bot read value from orches,
Even in Trigger I can see this option. Parameter Option. Please guide.


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In Execution Target, You need to select specific robot for that particular process.

For passing parameters , Please find below link.


It’s about input and output parameters
Where we can pass the input from orchestrator with IN Direction and get that as a input in our studio by creating a IN argument
For example

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