Can we pass few input arguments in StartJob Orchestrator api?

Hi all,

i want to trigger a process published in orchestrator.
Able to successfully trigger it through startjob orchestrator api.

i want to pass 2 input arguments along with that api to start that process.

example url and one username which i want bot to open and use during that process run.

is this possible that startjob api?

please quide me?

Yeah sure @Abhinavpandey,
Please refer the documentation below.

"startInfo": {

	"ReleaseKey": "429cf1cc-283c-424f-a935-43f72c2ca719",
	"RobotIds": [121],
	"JobsCount": 0,
	"Strategy": "Specific",
	"InputArguments": "{\"age\":33,\"trueOrFalse\":false,\"stringNew\":\"testing\"}"

By using InputArguments attribute you can give the values as parameter.

Note: Inside the InputArguments Values, The entire values should be JSON Escaped.


@kuppu_samy a nd how will define it inside process.

that two variable we declared but they are giving error because we have not provided any value to it.
or we can give any hardcode value during runtime of api it will override those value?

The values should be generated by your application or you can hard code it.

If you have given the default values in it, then there will be no problem.

mean i give default value and during runtime when i hit that api that the values provided by me in that api will be final value and process will run on those values.

correct me if i got it wrong @kuppu_samy

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Thanks @kuppu_samy.

Understood the concept

took the input parameters as in argument in the process and published it to orchestrator then used this json as payload in body of startjob and its as success. able to start a job with arguments

“startInfo”: {
“ReleaseKey”: “429cf1cc-283c-424f-a935-43f72c2ca719”,
“RobotIds”: [121],
“JobsCount”: 0,
“Strategy”: “Specific”,
“InputArguments”: “{"age":33,"trueOrFalse":false,"stringNew":"testing"}”


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