Unable to pass out argument to Uipath app


I am exploring Uipath app and got stuck in basic logic passing out_arg to Apps. To test i have created a out_arg and assigned a default value using assign activity.

I have published the workflow and connected orchestrated and UiApps but when mapped to processor getting null value in out_arg, pass value to text box.

Kindly help me out.


Can you share your screen for code ?

To get an argument from a process, the process has to be run from the App first. Have you added a “start process” activity somewhere to start your Orchestrator Process?

If not, then maybe add one on the loading of the page, by clicking Edit Rule on the Events tab at the Dashboard level(right hand side of the page). (Change this later to some other UI event if needed later)

Then add a Start Process activity and point to your Orchestrator Process.

This will start your Orchestrator process, and the out_argument returned from your process will set the value in your UI elements


yes i used start process, bcoz when i trigger Apps i can able to see my workflow is executing since i kept a msg box in workflow

Hi Arvind,
i have attached my code
Uipath App issue.docx (941.5 KB)

Able to pass an in_arg to msg box but unable to get out_arg, it showing null

Understood your issue, sometimes Apps doesn’t reflect after a BOT run. We faced this issue as well. So we used the “When Completed” setting to set the value of the field to the out_argument.

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