Orchestrator Practice 9 - How to add input argument


Practice 9, last point says - create a process and start a job with the name of an existing file in the project folder as an input argument

How to add file name as an input argument?

Hi, Correct me if I am wrong somewhere,

Create the process in Uipath studio have a input argument for the process, publish it, then in orchestrator start the job for the process you have created and then in the input section while you run the job you should have some input for the in argument created in studio.

let us know if this is correct
Pavan H

Could you help me with this task too? I typed in argument but my Output Values is an object and argumentOut is null.Where I’ve made mistake?


Can we get more details like the argument type to use (I think the dummy file is an Excel file), if it requires a default value, etc etc etc. Please keep in mind that this is the rookie forum.


Did you guys figure this out? I just did. Let me know if you are still stuck and i can post some screen shots.

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Hi, Asanka. Could you help to solve it?
I don’t know where I am wrong.
I declared arguments in studio…in the Jobs at Orchestrator, how to input the file name?

Hi, Pavanh003.
Do you mean the input section in Job that it’s parameter?